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  • How to use Ctrl+W to close a tab in Visual Studio

    All the browsers I know give you the option to close tabs using Ctrl+W in addition to the standard Ctrl+F4 in Windows. I find Ctrl+W easier to reach than Ctrl+F4, but as a developer I switch back and forth between Visual Studio (or VS Code) and my browsers and sometimes by mistake I press Ctrl+W […]

  • How to use PowerShell Invoke-WebRequest behind corporate proxy

    Corportate proxies are one of the productivity killers for developers. They are not well supported in every utility and framework and each tool has its own litrature to set proxy settings. To add salt to the injury, not every tool supports NTLM authentication well which is quite common in many proxies. Companies have to sometimes […]

  • Developing NodeJS apps using AngularJS 4 in macOS

    Well, that is one long title for a blog post! but, bare with me I’m going straight to the point. Recently I’ve been wanting to dip my toes in the AngularJS 4 world and to make it more exciting I thought maybe I will do it on a Mac using NodeJS and VSCode. Now that […]

  • How to mimic Pivot Table or Categories in Number 3+

    Perhaps you are already aware that Apple has cut many features from latest versions of Numbers and their other MS Office like products. One of the most popular features that has been removed from Numbers is called Categories. By activating Categories on a table you could aggregate data and summarize values see an overview of […]

  • How to warm-up SharePoint or other web applications and WCF (SOAP) services with PowerShell

    There are many reasons you might want to warm-up a web application occasionally. It can be after a fresh deployment or on a regular basis after recycling application pools. Some times you might also need to warm-up SOAP services without going through front-end. It might seems to be any easy task specially if you have […]