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  • How to install Visual Studio 2021 Preview Behind Corporate Proxy

    How to install Visual Studio 2021 Preview Behind Corporate Proxy

    So you are tempted to get your hands on the shiny Visual Studio 2021 Preview, right? But the evil corporate proxy is once again blocking you from expanding your curiosity? Well, fear no more. Stay with me while I’ll walk you through this in literally just a minute! Run Fiddler and make sure that fiddler […]

  • How to fix proxy authentication issues in your development environment

    I have written about proxy authentication before and although this annoying problem has been around, many tools still don’t support it well. Specially when it comes to NTLM flavor of it that has been developed by Microsoft long time ago and even many Microsoft tools did not support it until recently. Proxy servers in my […]

  • How to use PowerShell Invoke-WebRequest behind corporate proxy

    Corportate proxies are one of the productivity killers for developers. They are not well supported in every utility and framework and each tool has its own litrature to set proxy settings. To add salt to the injury, not every tool supports NTLM authentication well which is quite common in many proxies. Companies have to sometimes […]

  • Development behind corporate proxy + authentication

    Developing in companies that have proxy servers for developers can be frustrating in this age when every tool needs access to online resources and even parts of software development life cycle are cloud based. Proxy servers that require NTLM authentication just add to that frustration. NTLM is developed by Microsoft but many applications built by […]