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  • How to create search query content source in SharePoint using PowerShell

    It is very easy to add a content source by using SharePoint Central Administration, but you might need to create a long list of content sources in a batch for example as part of a disaster recovery process or many other reasons. Here is one way I do it in a PowerShell script.

  • BCS Part 1 – What can I build and what is the best way to do that?

    If you already know SharePoint and probably experienced developing application in this platform you already know that when thinking about a new solution and all the requirements you’re going to meet in your project, picking the right tools and finding the best way to build the right solution is not always easy. When thinking about…

  • How to change OSearch14 account (user)?

    How to change search service account using SharePoint Central Administration The simplest way to change the account of a service in SharePoint is to: Run Central Administrator Go to Security > Configure service accounts Select “Windows Service – SharePoint Server Search” In “Select an account for this component” select the account that you want and…